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Ben Hall, the quietly spoken drummer of Brisbane's prodigal sons, The Butterfly Effect, has reason to be happy.


The bands new album, Imago, hit number two on the ARIA charts and two singles, ‘A slow descent' and ‘Gone' are receiving air time on both independent and commercial radio.


\"We were hoping for the album to get into the top 20, but number two… We got drunk straight away.\"


Imago was recorded over a period of seven weeks in Los Angeles, Hall explains.


\"We only really got a few days off, like one day a week. We didn't get to see much, just wondered about, had a look at the weirdos. We decided to record where the producer was most comfortable (in LA), but it was a bit tedious, I think the band felt that we were a couple of months past our pinnacle for the album.\"


With two LPs, an EP and a stack of singles and industry accolades behind them, one could forgive the band for resting on their laurels and relaxing a bit, but the band are keeping busy and are currently half way through their latest national tour.


\"The tour has been good, most gigs have been beyond our expectations, it is just great when we sell out gigs.\"


Through their relentless touring schedule, The Butterfly Effect have become the pacesetters of Australian heavy rock, touring both major cities, where they repeatedly sell out the Metro in Sydney and the Arena in Brisbane, but also touring regional areas from Lismore to Launceston.


\"You always dream (of) selling out big shows, but we as a band don't think it stops here, you instantly start refocussing on the next level, the next album.\"


The band has had no shortage of opportunity playing in front large crowds, fronting the bill for American hard rockers, System of a Down and playing at Big Day Out with a favourite band of Hall's, Muse.


\"They're just awesome. Each time I saw them they are just awesome. By the end (of the 2004 Big Day Out tour) I had frequent conversations with the drummer.\"


With summer festivals coming up, The Butterfly Effect are in demand, already signed for Homebake, where they shined previously in 2004, as well as an exclusive New Years concert at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.


\"Yeah, that's one's a little strange, I think it's a private concert or something, but we'll be there with Gyroscope and Grinspoon.\"


Perhaps more than any sign of a bands success is when they are invited to program ABC's music video program, Rage.


\"The book that you pick the songs from, it's fucking big, if you watch the show you'll notice none of our songs get past the letter ‘E'.


\"Before we go, I think that we should talk about Johnny Diesel. I'm a very large fan of Diesel. I want you to write this. If anyone gets a chance to see Johnny Diesel, they should, because he's a fucking great musician.\"


How could I say no?


Imago is available in stores now.

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