An Interview With Rusty About A Day By The Green 13

An Interview With Rusty About A Day By The Green 13

This Saturday on the 11th of October SixFtHick headline a star studded lineup of A DAY BY THE GREEN in the beating rock'n'roll heart of St Kilda. The Dwarf had a chat with one of the event's organisers, Rusty Teluk from Cold Harbour.

Hey Rusty! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to have a chat with THE DWARF.

I have got to ask you Rusty? I have lost count, so what number is this A DAY BY THE GREEN event on Saturday the 11th of October at The St Kilda Bowls Club and did we miss one in April this year?

Firstly thanks very much for the opportunity to speak to THE DWARF. Greatly appreciated!

This will be number 13 and you’re correct…we didn’t hold one in April this year. We’ve decided to scale back a little and put the event on twice a year, in October and January.

I love the fact that you have been doing these events since 2010, as a true celebration of St Kilda music at the St Kilda Bowls Club AKA The Bowlo. The venue's position is really important. As The Bowlo is opposite the infamous Seaview Ballroom, the epicentre of the St Kilda late 70's and early 80's punk rock explosion. One of the first Ballroom gigs was headlined by none other than The Boys Next Door, featuring Nick Cave, Mick Harvey and Rowland S Howard. Touring overseas bands also played there in their heyday like XTC, The Residents, Magazine, The Dead Kennedys to The Cure, before they became GOTHS and FAT. See the above Seaview Ballroom video footage of The Birthday Party. It makes me wish there was a time machine and I could attend some of those classic shows! Can you name some bands that you saw play there and name your most memorable Seaview Ballroom night?

We have a great working relationship with the Bowlo…it’s perfect for our event, and of course it’s wonderful that it’s opposite the Ballroom.

For those unaware of the Ballroom, it was THE venue in St Kilda back in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I had some great nights at that venue. Saw probably hundreds of local bands there.

Some of the “bigger” nights there saw acts such as The Fall, The Birthday Party, The Cure (when they only had two albums out), PiL, Violent Femmes, John Cooper Clarke, and Iggy Pop. I’ve probably forgotten many other great nights. We drank a fair bit back then. The first time I ever appeared onstage with a band was at the Ballroom, so I guess that’s my most memorable night there.

Your band, Cold Harbour is not playing at this lineup? Are they on a hiatus or did they break up? What is going on in Cold Harbour Land?

This one is a little strange as Cold Harbour aren’t playing. For those that don’t know it was Cold Harbour that originally had the idea for A Day By The Green. Officially we’re on a hiatus. We may or may not play again. The good news is that we parted as great friends, so playing together again is not totally out of the question. Time will tell.

While Cold Harbour is not playing, we will see you on the stage as a pricky thorn ace guitarist in Marilyn Rose and The Thorns. Tell me about his band?

The original idea was Marilyn and myself as an acoustic duo. We scored a gig even before we had rehearsed. That was the very first Goddess event. I was around at Marilyn's place and her partner Colin who was also the bassist in Cold Harbour sat in with us. So our first gig was as an acoustic three piece.

Members kept being added, we went electric, and at one stage we also had two of Marilyns’ daughters in the band. We’d blown out to a seven piece and had become St. Kilda's Partridge Family! We’ve been a fairly “stable” five piece for around a year now. We released our first EP earlier this year and we’re currently recording a follow-up, again with the wonderful Ash Wednesday engineering and producing. I imagine we’ll have something out early in the new year. Early days, but it’s sounding pretty good so far!

Legend has it that at CherryRock009 a lactating Six Ft Hick fan, squirted her ample bosom breast milk onto the lead singing brothers Geoff and Ben Corbett! Have they demanded fresh breast milk as part of their rider these days and how long have you been trying to get this hardcore visceral band from Brisbane to play at A Day By The Green?

Colin has been communicating with them. I believe they’re happy with beer but lots of it! We’ve been trying to get them onboard for over a year now. Of course as an interstate band, the timing had to be right. We’re very happy to have them as headliners. Visceral is a very apt description!

You have The Mercy Kills hot off their support slot with Courtney Love. Do you have fire insurance in case the drummer bursts into flames?

Well I’m guessing that the Bowlo has insurance but let’s face it, the whole band is “on fire” at the moment. They’ve been scoring some fantastic supports, so we’re very happy to get them on the bill. They’re a great band, wonderful people and work very, very hard.

Mesa Cosa really blew the top off people's minds last time they played and the Ramoneque fun and fast punk songs of 12FU are always so great to see. Tell me about those two bands and the other acts on the bill?

I must admit I’ve only seen Mesa Cosa once at A Day By The Green but boy did they impress! We always said that we’d like them back one day, so it’s great having them join us again. 12FU are St Kilda through and through and good mates of ours, as well as being mighty fun.

We’ve got local songstress Lisa Wood opening proceedings. Jim Richter and myself are happy to be accompanying her. Hopefully folks will come down early to catch her fascinating songs and performance. The next act is The Interceptors a great punky, catchy three piece. After them we’re very happy to have our mates Winter Sun hitting the stage. We’ve done a few gigs with them recently and they’re just getting better and better. La Bastard are on after Winter Sun….I’ve got to admit that I haven’t seen them. Nick Haines has booked them but they come very highly recommended. I’m looking forward to seeing them. Next up are 12FU followed by Marilyn Rose and the Thorns. After the Thorns we’ve got The Black Alleys, who Colin and I were very impressed with when we saw them a month or so ago. Rounding out the night will be Mesa Cosa, closely followed by The Mercy Kills with the wild Six Ft Hick finishing off the night.

Will that adorable furry four legged rascal, George The Punk Poodle be anointing the legs of any of your patrons?

George will as usual be in attendance. It wouldn’t be A Day By The Green without him. As far as anointing patrons legs….well, I’m not so sure. Depends how many beers he has.

Let's wrap it up Rusty? Time for the hard sell. Pop on a cheesy colourful car salesman tie! Give me one sentence, why discerning music fans should rock up at The Bowlo this Saturday?

Ten great acts, some of the cheapest drinks around, and a great fun atmosphere will make the Bowlo the place to be on Saturday 11th October folks….don’t miss it!


3.00 - Doors Open
3.30 – 4.00pm : Lisa Wood
4.20 – 4.50pm : The Interceptors
5.10 – 5.40pm : Winter Sun
6.00 – 6.30pm : La Bastard
6.50 – 7.20pm : 12FU
7.40 – 8.10pm : Marilyn Rose &The Thorns
8.30 – 9.00pm : The Black Alleys
9.20 – 9.50pm : Mesa Cosa
10.10 – 10.40pm: The Mercy Kills
11.00 – 11.30pm: SixFtHick

Saturday 11th October St Kilda St Kilda Sports Club (aka the “Bowlo”) 66 Fitzroy Street St Kilda

BARGAIN $20 for ten great acts.

Doors open at 3pm with music from 3.30pm until 11.30pm. Grab a snag, have a beer and enjoy the music!

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