Little Birdy - taking flight overseas

Little Birdy are currently gearing up to go on tour starting around mid August and they are taking Bob Evans (Jebediah front man Kevin Mitchell) and Canada's Tegan and Sarah along for the ride.


In short this will be a very nice tour indeed. But this relatively young band are no strangers to the touring circuit. This year alone they played the Big Day Out, South By South West (SXSW) music conference in Austin, Texas, toured with R.E.M as well as a few side shows here and there. The Naked Dwarf's Louise Morris caught up with the girl behind the bands unique voice, and asked what to expect from this tour.


"Well, we're currently trying to get a few new songs in the set, this to us is one of the major things. Also rehearsing the old songs off the album. When you haven't played for a while, things tend to get a bit foggy," Steele, explains.


Touring definitely has its ups and downs but Steele recalls one of the best experiences the band has had to date.


"I suppose Michael Stipe (R.E.M frontman) on stage, giving us praise was one of the biggest things that has ever happened. It was one of those nights when it feels like your legs have left your body."


Who would they most like to tour with?


"Probably Beck, Brighteyes (again), P.J Harvey, U2 and Radiohead. That's a dream list."


Little Birdy was also one of a handful of Australian bands to venture over to Texas earlier this year for a musical showcase.


They were joined by fellow Aussies After the Fall, Sarah Blasko, Gyroscope and The Morning After Girls. So is it still hard for Australian bands to get recognition in the US or has it become a bit more smooth sailing?


"If you're not really in the current trend of where rock ‘n' roll is going, I think it's always going to be hard. I think it'll always be something that just builds and builds slowly," Steele says.


Fitting into trends is something Little Birdy haven't tried to do and Katy touches on this when asked about winning this years best female award at The Jack Awards.


"It meant a lot considering the other females I was up against. It was a great thing to happen, especially as it was voted by the public. To me, things like the ARIAS, don't mean a thing. Units have nothing to do with how good a band is."


Even though it hasn't quite been a year since Little Birdy released their first album, Big Big Love are they feeling the pressure to get another album out to their fans?


"The new album will be ready when it's ready. We're currently working on new stuff at the moment. Things are really changing, and the sounds are exceptionally different. Whatever we do, we just don't want to repeat ourselves."


So for now Little Birdy, will be making their way around this great land once again, much to the delight of fans.

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