Georgia Fair: The Best is Yet to Come

If you don't know much about Georgia Fair, you need only watch the video for their new single "Where You Been" to understand what the NSW duo are all about. Made up of a collection of tour footage, it essentially shows two friends travelling and playing music together. They're not rock stars. They're not getting wasted and trashing hotel rooms. They're not surrounded by scantily clad girls. They're just two gentle, down-to-earth guys who love making music, and love taking that music to as many people as they can.


They've just enjoyed a national tour supporting The Panics, and before playing the final show at The Palace on Friday, Jordan Wilson is enjoying the rare Melbourne sunshine on Brunswick Street. " It's been awesome," he says, " We're doing our last show tonight so we're a bit sad. It's the first time we've gone out with our band, so it's been real fun."


In true noughties music industry fashion, Jordan and Ben have taken the ‘play now, sell later' approach with their music – one that has worked out quite well for them. Since 2009 they've released two EPs, and despite already having played much of their new material over the past year of touring, they're only now releasing their first full-length album.


Recorded in North Carolina with Bill Reynolds (of Band of Horses), All Through Winter highlights the band's growth over the past couple of years, and although they've reached that point where it's no longer just the two of them on stage, the long-standing friendship and genuine down-to-earth nature thankfully remain.


" When we were 13 we were playing in a van together as a covers band, playing like Nirvana and Blink 182," laughs Jordan. " Even back then we knew that we wanted to play music together for a living, even though we didn't know where it would end up. A lot of people kind of grow up, but we never grew up."


That mentality runs so deep that it's hard for Jordan to even imagine what he'd be doing now if not playing music. " I'd probably be a hippy bum, sleeping on the beach and surfing every day, trying to scrape some money together" he laughs, although you can tell he'd probably be quite content doing that too.


Having played together for so long, and having such a knack for putting out beautifully sophisticated songs, you'd think Jordan and Ben's songwriting process would be pretty much locked in, but Jordan dismisses that idea, saying " it changes all the time, because we don't want to put any restrictions on it. Now we kind of go off and do our own thing, and then come together and bring it all together in the end. But it always changes, depending on what mood we're in."


No matter the mood, the quality of Jordan and Ben's songwriting has been there since the very beginning, so it's no wonder they got snapped up by Sony early in their careers, and had one of their very first songs featured in a TV ad. For the band's sake, it was tempting to go a whole interview without asking about that song – it's called "Picture Frames" – but one has to wonder whether they've grown tired of being referred to as ‘the band that plays that song from the Big M ad'.


"It definitely gets a bit tedious because we've got so much more to prove," says Jordan. " We're just so focused on not being a one-song band. We want it to be a really long career and to write music for the rest of our lives, so in that way we do want to get away from that, but in another way it's helped us out so much. You've gotta try and be grateful for these things rather than be bitter."


They may have already achieved their childhood dream of playing the Enmore Theatre, but Georgia Fair don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. They've got two album launch shows coming up in November, the possibility of a national tour early next year, and although they haven't locked anything in yet, Jordan is fairly sure they'll be playing at least two or three summer festivals this year.


With a chuckle, he says "just point us in the direction and we'll walk it. We'll play. We'll play for anyone."

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