Getting his ‘Heart' On - Chuck Comeau from Simple Plan

Canadian pop punk foursome Simple Plan are set to return to Australia this September, touring their latest album Get Your Heart On. With shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, drummer and percussionist Chuck Comeau says he's looking forward to spending time in one of his favourite countries, as well as getting his hard...*ahem ahem*...‘heart' on.


"It's definitely an erection joke," Comeau laughs, explaining the album's boner inspired title. "It's hard to name an album. You spend a year making something and to sum it up in three of four words? We take our music seriously, but we don't take ourselves seriously. The title's about having that joke, but at the same time if you break it down, it's about being passionate. Get your heart on. Care about something. Get involved in music."


For fans, the album's sing-along pop punk tunes are a welcome return to form, and reminiscent of the band's early work when they exploded onto the music scene back in 1999. "We worked really hard and spent about a year working on the album. We really wanted to come out with something the fans would be proud of."


This time around, the lads had a little help from friends with the album featuring a variety of guest vocalists. Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low makes an appearance, as well as rapper K'naan and Weezer's Rivers Cuomo. The ARIA Top 10 single ‘ Jet Lag' features a surprising choice in songstress - British pop sensation Natasha Bedingfield.


"She's in a different world than we are. We're definitely in the pop punk alternative kind of rock, and she's more poppy. It was about finding the right voice - someone who could make the lyrics real and heartfelt. As soon as we heard her sing the song, it was a no-brainer. She's a really great live singer."


Despite multi-platinum album sales and sold-out tours across the globe, Simple Plan keep themselves grounded by taking time out of their schedule for fans. "No matter how big you get as a band, there's no reason to be a dick. We remember what it was like, being a kid and meeting your favourite band. If they were not nice to you - that was the worst thing in the world. When we meet a fan, we remember how special it was when a band was nice to you," Comeau says, before revealing who the real divas in the music industry are.


"The more successful a band are, the nicer they are. That's probably how they've stayed successful. The people that aren't nice are the bands that have one song, and in two or three years won't even be there anymore."


Dedicated Australian fans can be sure that the band are looking forward to their upcoming live shows, as well as the eye catching scenery this country has to offer.


"I love Australians. It's my favourite place in the word," Comeau enthuses. "You guys are funny and clever and are really good looking. I don't know what happened there, but something good happened there," Comeau says, before agreeing that Australian women get his "heart" on.


Lucky, then, that Comeau and his bandmates spent their youths in the cold climates of Canada, else the foursome may have been fated to chasing girls, and not a career in music.


"We have very long winters in Canada so we spend a lot of time writing songs. It's so cold, that you can't hit on girls. There's not that many places you can meet them because they're always inside their house. So, unless you're a weird stalker, you couldn't really meet a lot of girls and you had to write songs instead."


Simple Plan kick off their Australian tour in Brisbane on the 30th September.

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