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Not a man to rest on his laurels, after involvement in Giants Of Science, a core member of The Gin Club, a member of ARIA nominated alt-bluegrass outfit The Wilson Pickers and a few other collaborations as well, Ben Salter is finally stepping out on his own with his debut album, ' The Cat' and an extensive little tour to accompany it's release.


Ben has just finished up a little jaunt around the country with Felix from the Cat Empire, and has had the honour of being named Most Popular Male in the Q Awards.


"It was a surprise, and a real thrill," Ben said. "We really didn't promote the nomination, so we really appreciate it."


Ben chatted to us from his home in Brisbane, where he was hanging out with his cat while surrounded by piles of albums and stickers, mailing out goodies that people purchased using the Indie Go Go site. Basically, as an independent artist, he had raised the capital to record and mix the album, but needed a little help with the release and promotion of it.


The way it worked, people pre-purchased the album before it was even finished, where for $25 they got a signed CD upon release, a link to the download , badge, sticker and a limited edition EP plus a shout out on the credits. And it only got better from there. The more you 'donated' the more you got.


Thankfully, the concept worked and the album got finished and has so far been loved by anyone who has managed to get their hands on it, getting rave reviews and nice things said all round.'The Cat' is fast winning fans for Ben Salter. Whereas the title song may not be about his cat, she does have pride of place on the album cover.


Once the mailing is finished, it will almost be time for the start of a rather extensive tour, taking in shows in Perth, Freemantle, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, Ballarat, Melbourne, Toowoomba and Hobart.


"I love the Brisbane Hotel in Hobart," Ben shared. "It's one of my favourite places to play, they always look after you there."


It sounds like Ben will be rather busy for a while.


"It will be hectic, but fun. I'm not in it for the money though, " Ben divulged. "I'm not complaining about some of the perks either, one of them being a bit of travel."


By all accounts, its sounds like Ben has an exciting album on offer, and this is one man whose voice needs to be heard to be believed. As well as his musical prowess on multiple instruments, Ben possesses one of the most powerful voices in Australian music.


If you weren't one of the music lovers who played a part in the creation of this album, even if you were, have a listen to this superb collection of tunes and get yourself along and see Mr Ben P Salter when he performs at a venue near you.

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