Owl Eyes

She sweet, she's beautiful and she's extremely talented. She is Brooke Addamo , aka Owl Eyes, and in August and September she'll sharing her musical prowess with the masses as she launches her new EP ' Raiders' with an extensive little jaunt around the country.


When Brooke joins us for a chat she is still on a high after sharing the stage with the amazing Pnau in Melbourne the night before.


"It was an awesome gig. I just feel so privileged to have supported them, and yes there was lots of dancing involved in the evening," Brooke shared.


And to top it all off, in October Owl Eyes will be joining Faker as they play support for The Wombats Australian tour.


"I'm super excited. It just got announced today," Brooke divulged.


This talented young lady with the smooth, sweet vocals has been hanging around the Aussie music scene for a few years now. Brooke has been writing and singing since her early teens, and despite an early departure from a certain "talent" show in 2008, (we all know those things often have trouble recognising actual talent) she has been quietly setting the local music scene alight with her beautiful songs.


She even got a chance to appear on Triple J's 'Like A Version', doing a whimsical, magical rendition of Foster The People's " Pumped Up Kicks".


"Its so smart, to mix this intriguing story into pop, the song has this strange darkness mixed with the upbeat pop. It's fun though, and I've been playing it at shows", Brooke revealed.


Last year saw the release of her debut EP ' Faces' which was wonderfully received, and now her second EP has been released. ' Raiders' is an amazing little feast of fine tunes and Brooke is very proud of it.


"We picked the songs carefully, we chose them based on what was the best fit," Brooke said. "And there will definitely be an album next."


A new EP is a pretty good excuse to hit the road and go on a little tour. August and September will see Owl Eyes playing the length and breadth of the country, from funky Melbournetown and laid back Byron to the far reaches of Fremantle and even crossing Bass Strait to do a few shows down in Tassy, with maybe some extra shows in a few smaller towns thrown in for good measure and an all ages gig or two.


On the Tassy part of the tour, which takes in shows in Hobart and Launceston, with an all age gig in Hobart, Owl Eyes will be co-headlining with Stonefield.


"It will be a busy and fun tour, and I'm really looking forward to it," Brooke shared. "I've been to Tassy before, but this will be my first time playing down there."


It's an extensive tour but Brooke is excited to be playing. "I'm just hoping to to reach as many people as I can and share my music with them," Brooke said.


With two amazing Ep's under her belt, a voice as smooth as honey, a beautiful collection of songs and talent by the bucketload, do yourself a favour and join the sweet Miss Brooke Addamo, aka Owl Eyes, as she tours our vast country on her ' Raiders' EP launch. It will be an evening of musical pleasure you'll be glad you indulged in.

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