Dananananaykroyd will bounce, yell and laugh...

When I was ten years old I made a slingshot. I sawed off a branch from my father's favourite lemon tree, bound it with electrical tape for grip, chained together elastic bands to form the strap, and ruined my father's favourite leather belt to make professional looking pouch. The weapon was a symbol of my admiration for Denis the Menace and the reason I received a visit from the police later that day.


There have been, and remain to be many of these, 'Denis the Menace' moments in my life. When the monotony of this world makes you crazy, when everything seems to be grey and beige; throwing in a splash of fiery red, mischievous green or promiscuous purple is the only way to feel adrenalized and exhilarated.


In most cases music translates this condition rather satisfactorily. However, the problem remains that it is only satisfactory, and you are looking for adrenalin pumping tomfoolery. You're looking to cleanse yourself of the city smog with a gleaming layer of dance sweat, yell profanities and forget your age.


Well here it is... The extraordinarily menacing, Dananananaykroyd.


John Baillie Junior (JBJ), the one we all remember from his blundered stage dive at the Annandale Hotel back in 2009; drummer turned joint vocalist for the group is looking forward to the group's Australian tour.


'I actually snapped my forearm in half... It's got four pins and a plate in it now and holding together nicely. But apparently airport metal detectors don't pick up titanium. I was really excited about that.'


Currently taking care of the UK festival season, JBJ and Dananananaykroyd are focussed on getting back into the swing of touring, doing their thing and settling into the lifestyle.


Along with the annually ridiculous line-up of Splendour in the Grass, Dananananaykroyd will bounce, yell and laugh all the way from their northern hemisphere home of Glasgow to the land down under this July.


The new album There is a Way is to be released mid June and JBJ is tickled pink with his new role and the new material the group has come up with. 'It feels like there are all six of our personalities soaked into this record'


Before the incident, JBJ was already contributing to the vocals of the group, and since playing the drums from the age of 12 was becoming a little stale, he found his new role to be more fulfilling and open.


Typically we can expect a completely riotous, knee smacking, hip shaking, arm flailing album from these young vagabonds, however this time with JBJ solely on the vocals with Calum Gunn. 'In the recording of it and the performing of it, it's kind of a free for all! It's great; it's like a big party.'


Calum and JBJ's chemistry moves each track along at varying paces by bouncing off one and other with a mixture of sarcasm, aggression, melody and maniac. This promises to take the groups already dynamic performance and sound to a new kind of live music extremism which everyone will certainly enjoy.


'It's weird because we don't practice. Because there is six of us, we know that we aren't going to get anywhere by gelling. It wouldn't work and it would take too long,' JBJ said. If you have ever heard or seen the group, this wouldn't be far from your imagination.


John and the group also don't place too much pressure on their performance and try to keep it as natural as possible knowing that if they don't over think it and just have fun, Dananananaykroyd will maintain its reputation with its fans.


'It's strange because if we put loads of effort, too much thought or if it was premeditated, our live show wouldn't be the same. Our show is just the residual of six friends having fun, playing music and trying to include people in it.'


Their music is a culmination of six completely different personalities, morphed into a single, now part bionic band of mutineers. If you're hoping for a rest between tracks to wipe the sweat from you brow, think again and simply soak yourself down with Jack.


Admittedly, they are just a bunch of ratbags playing sweet, sweet music and JBJ attributes the group's characteristics to each of the members. 'If you separated us, and saw us all in different bands on stage, you would see that we all act exactly the same way separately. And when the six of us come together, we egg each other on and it can get worse, or better (depending on how you see it).'


One could wonder what it is exactly that makes fans literally lose their shit when Dananananaykroyd get on and get playing. JBJ reckons, 'its like when someone laughs a lot and it becomes infectious. It's just a really pure thing... if you go and see six people really enjoying themselves; then that, I think, gives you permission to lose your shit as long as we are losing our shit first... We lead by example.'


For a group that has gone from zero to hero in a matter of four years, JBJ can really only identify 'the arm breaking thing,' as a hurdle they have overcome. Although, for a group focussed on encouraging happy go-lucky inclusiveness, it is probably not that surprising.


John remained comfortable with the fact that Dananananaykroyd is not trying to force any values or agendas upon its audiences with their music. Instead their message is derived from being simply, a positive rock force by encouraging inclusion and diversification amongst its fans.


'Punk was so perfect, but so flawed. To me, the only group that really did punk properly was Fugazi. They were inclusive of everyone, and played by their own rules. Punk is doing whatever you want, and sticking up for the little guy, whoever they may be.'


A great example of this all inclusiveness JBJ said 'is when people are slam dancing or moshing at our shows, we'll deliberately point them out and ridicule them. When there is hundreds of kids dancing, bouncing and having a good time and no one is getting hurt, there is no room for that macho undertone.'


They are a group who is not shy to admit they are simply a bunch of ratbags. A group that slanders the name of all those purpose built punk-rock hybrid genres that are reinvented on a weekly basis. A group that finds pure joy during those moments of mischief. And a group that is out to do one thing; make a shit load of noise amongst the static.


'I think people forget. They get caught up in their jobs and they forget about expressing themselves, letting go and just losing it. We have people in their forties, working their little job, married with kids and all that, and they come and see our band because it's their one fucken excuse to go crazy.'


As we veered off the path of interview formalism, we found ourselves taking the piss out of Justin Bieber eating an alien; and discussing the rare usage of the word 'pimple' in the UK. Clearly bravado and rock-stardom had no place within the young lad from Glasgow; he is simply up for a good laugh with likeminded people.


If you want to be a part of a movement that condemns anti-social behaviour; a movement that punches the fun and innocence back into your world with punishing riffs and anthem like vocals, then get along to a Dananananaykroyd show. You'll be sure to come home with a menacing grin from ear to ear.

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