The Butterfly Effect Fly South

I'm speaking to Glenn Esmond, bassist from The Butterfly Effect, he's just left band rehearsal and is walking down the street, apparently in a nod to keeping himself fit before the band's upcoming tour. And considering the band are hitting around 40 venues in less than four months, that can't be a bad idea. Not that Esmond is complaining.


"I love being on the road once you get used to it. We definitely have our point where we need to have some time off from each other, which is usually around the six week mark, but after four years we've become pretty adept at knowing when to give each other space," he says.


Let's just hope Glenn learns to keep his shoes on this time, because last tour he ended up with massive blisters on his feet as a result of an ill-fated climb of Uluru.


"As culturally insensitive as it sounds, we had to climb the rock but I stupidly left my shoes 8km back at the hotel," he says, sounding more than a little sheepish. "I couldn't let the rest of the band go up and not do it myself so yeah, it ended kind of painfully."


This time there will be no large rocks involved, as the band bunny hops down the east coast before heading inland. So where in particular are the boys really looking forward to going? 


"Well, Albury always goes off, surprisingly enough. They're always up for it down there. Melbourne is always fun and this will be our first gig at the Metro in Sydney so that'll be really exciting. To be honest there aren't many places we're not looking forward to," Glenn adds.


This album is the band's second full-length release, Imago, which Glenn says he'd give a score of eight out of ten. 


"Well, you can't rate it too high or there's no more room for improvement, but I'm stoked with this album. This is my proudest moment so far and collectively the band all feel the same way,"he says.


"We've learnt a lot over the past few years and I think we've really raised the bar with this album."


It certainly seems the band have progressed since their last release. Imago is a polished piece of work, recorded by US producer Joe Barresi at Sound City Studios in LA. A heavy melodic rock album, it's packed with sharp, gothic metal-tinged riffs. Then there are the signature lyrics and gorgeous flying vocals of talented frontman Clint Boge, who manages to soar between melancholy tunes and harsh rock with ease. With an already established fan base throughout Australia, The Butterfly Effect look set to win over even more devotees with this album.


Glenn jokes that punters can expect a three-foot high replica of stonehenge on stage during the tour. 


"We've also got a bunch of new gear which is pretty cool," he says.


"Because the rest was trashed?" I ask.


"Well, no. I mean, you can say that we trashed all the stuff and we didn't care whose it was -- it makes us sound pretty rock 'n' roll. But last time I busted an amp it was actually an accident," he admits. It just kind of fell off and smashed. But yeah I guess people can look forward to some really pretty lights. Oh and some good songs played live , and that's always a good thing."

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