Q & A - 28 Days

28 days are a fans band. with relentless touring and the upmost respect for the people that buy their music, the Naked Dwarf caught up with Adrian Griffin of the band to see how they cope.


Naked Dwarf: You guys seem to tour pretty relentlessly...how do you cope being on the road so much?


Adrian Griffin: We try and eat well, not drink too much and have early nights. That NEVER happens!!! No, it's what we all love doing so it's actually pretty easy to cope being on the road. As long as we've got good music to listen to its all cool.


ND: What are your opinions on the music industry in Australia? what do you think are our greatest strengths and weaknesses?


AG: The live band scene seems to be picking up from a few years ago. There are more venues and more people getting out to see bands which I think has a lot to do with people in bands and the local industry just getting out there and doing a lot of stuff themselves. I think the independent artist side of the industry is really thriving at the moment. It seems like major record labels in Australia from an A&R point of view aren't really interested in developing bands over a number of years and are more looking for overnight successes. I think it's cool being in a band and having a hands on approach and being in control. There are also a lot of websites at the moment dedicated to promoting bands, shows and other events in the music industry which make it easier for more people to find out about new music. ND: If you could take back one thing you've said or done over the course of your career what would it be? AG: I would be not telling the guys from In The Grey at Perth's Rock It festival one year to turn their video camera off... ND: Do you guys have any plans to do any collaborations in the near future? If so who would you most like to work with? AG: We don't have any concrete plans at the moment but we are recording some new songs for a split CD with a Japanese band called Rotten Grafty and doing a cover of a Japanese girl pop group. There could be a collaboration in that?? ND: You guys made the cross over to the commercial stations like Nova and Triple M - what has this meant for the band? AG: It means a lot more people get to hear our music who may not have heard us before. The more people that hear us hopefully will buy our records and we'll be able to play bigger shows and hopefully make a lot of people happy! ND: Tell me a litte bit about this competition your running to win the support slot on your tour? Why have you done it? what are you looking for in a band? AG: Rather than just give away a few CDs and T-shirts we thought it would be cool to give young bands the opportunity to play a real gig which can be pretty hard to do if you're a young band starting out. We've all been there before and know how hard it is to get on good shows. We're looking for bands with a professional attitude, an original sound, good songs and enough material to play a 30 - 40 min set. ND: So about the EP - why the long wait? and why an EP and not an Album? AG: Basically last year we were on the road a lot of the time which makes it hard to write a lot of songs. Also Bring 'Em Back is our first independent release so there was a lot more that had to be done by ourselves which i guess took a little longer than usual. ND: You guys seem to have a pretty good connection with the fans - how do you maintain that and why is it so important? AG: We're pretty much as straight up as bands get - no bullshit. I think our fans like that about us. We are a band that loves to have a good time and I think that comes out in our live shows and in our music. I think we have a lot of loyal fans because of that.

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