There'll Be Birds / Oliver Downes / Isobel Caldwell

There'll Be Birds Australian Tour
Date :
Saturday, March 17
Doors :
08:00 pm
Venue :
28 Napier St
Victoria 3011
Tickets :
  • $ 10 (General Admission)
There'll Be Birds / Oliver Downes / Isobel Caldwell

A forceful Nordic trio joins forces with two of Melbourne's finest acoustic acts at the front stage of the Reverence Hotel for an unforgettable night of lyrical resonance. Profound and soulful chamber jazz mix with swirling piano ballads and sweeping melodic landscapes from the heart of the cold North for a truly all-encompassing musical journey.

Come. Sit. Drink it in.

Starts at 8:30 pm, $10 on the door.



A powerful, minimalist trio composed of violin, accordion, guitar, and three voices, their intense brand of esoteric folk-pop spans from the hard-hitting to the quietly contemplative, conjuring forth images of forgotten homes behind dying stars.

Formed in Helsinki in the fall of 2016 by three expert performers, There’ll Be Birds delivers fierce and profound music pulled straight from the guts, with their vivid stage presence drawing the audience deeper and deeper into their world.

Martin Åkesson (SWE): vocals, guitar
Juska Ojajärvi (FIN): accordion, vocals
Mirva Tarvainen (FIN): violin, vocals



Singer-songwriter Oliver Downes blends intricate, percussive piano playing with instantly hummable melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. Packing ‘soaring melodies and sharp wit in equal measure’ (Tone Deaf), his debut album ‘Ultraviolet’ (2016) took a leaf from artists as diverse as Rufus Wainwright, Kate Bush, Nick Cave and Nils Frahm, to offer a lush fusion of dreamy ballads and instantly familiar chamber pop. Expect a high-definition musical passage through the darkness into the light.



Isobel Caldwell's intimate and honest music is as soulful as it is resonant. Lyrically dense yet free-flowing, virtuosic yet relaxed, her thought-provoking songs paint pictures from life as it is and life as it might be, if we dare to imagine it. Sparsely accompanied by a single string instrument, her voice soars in intricate patterns, rising and falling in expert control, weaving a rich tapestry with minimal means full of colour, texture and emotion.

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