There'll Be Birds

Folk Noir for disrupted age.
Date :
Monday, March 19
Doors :
06:00 pm
Venue :
562-564 High Street
Victoria 3071
There'll Be Birds

Underworld chamber music from the cold North fills the air of Thornbury as There'll Be Birds enters Lentils. Come, sit down, have a bite and let the sweeping music of the trio wash over you like a vast, uncaring ocean.

Time: 6.30

There’ll Be Birds: Folk Noir for a disrupted age.

A powerful, minimalist trio composed of violin, accordion, electric guitar, and three voices, their intense brand of esoteric folk-pop spans from the hard-hitting to the quietly contemplative, conjuring forth images of forgotten homes behind dying stars.

Formed in Helsinki in the fall of 2016 by three expert performers, There’ll Be Birds delivers fierce and profound music pulled straight from the guts, with their vivid stage presence drawing the audience deeper and deeper into their world.

Martin Åkesson (SWE): vocals, guitar
Juska Ojajärvi (FIN): accordion, vocals
Mirva Tarvainen (FIN): violin, vocals

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