Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions + Sand Pebbles

Date :
Saturday, February 10
Doors :
07:30 pm
Venue :
88 Acland Street
Victoria 3182
Tickets :
  • $ 40 (General Admission)
  • $ 35 (General Admission)
  • $ 23 (General Admission)
  • $ 25 (General Admission)
Ron S. Peno & The Superstitions + Sand Pebbles


With soaring and immeasurable vocals and the swagger of a performer who masters his craft and owns the stage, RON S. PENO writhes and moves like a snake coiled inside a jukebox full of life’s 45s shaped by his journeys. His band, THE SUPERSTITIONS weld their sound through Ron but each member intriguingly shines individually, the Superstitions remain autonomous as a collective soundscape that intensifies the raw emotion of RON S. PENO.

“Guiding Light”, is the new album from RON S. PENO & THE SUPERSTITIONS released October 2017. This transcendent third album from RON S. PENO & THE SUPERSTITIONS follows the critically acclaimed releases “Future Universe” (2011) and “Anywhere and Everything is Bright” (2013) as the purest expression of the band’s sweeping, propulsive chamber rock to date.

In recording these eight stirring journeys into the realms of uncertainty, remorse, restlessness and yearning, RON S. PENO & THE SUPERSTITIONS brought the passion and grand atmospheres of their renowned live shows into the studio. The result is an album that’s urgent and unabashedly emotional, yet also exquisitely refined. In places it’s a surefire floor-filler, too.

Here, then, is that rarest of things: a record that hits the heart as hard as it hits the hips.

On ‘Over Again,’ Peno sings, “Outside, I’m riddled with doubt.” In here—on “Guiding Light”—he is a man completely in his element. Recorded at Northcote’s Soundpark Studios and mixed and mastered at The Mill by veteran craftsman Andy Stewart, “Guiding Light” finds the band’s incomparable energy and ingenuity coalescing around the finest collection of songs of their career. Crowd galvanisers like ‘Just Like Diamonds’ and ‘Kid Gloves’ are here, along with a blazing cover of Bobby Darin’s ‘Not for Me’.

These are songs that tug and needle at the most essential corners of the soul. Most have been finessed to perfection over the past few years while being performed live to adoring audiences in Australia, France and Spain. And it shows.

“We’re almost there,” Peno sings on the penultimate song. Listeners will beg to differ: with “Guiding Light”, RON S. PENO & THE SUPERSTITIONS have arrived.

Exploding from the eye of the universe, the band who notoriously formed on the set of Neighbours have just released studio album number six ‘Pleasure Maps’. Jonathon Alley from Triple R describes their latest album as “One of the best albums of 2017 by any band, any place. Uplifting, thrilling, surprising and just completely captivating. Expectations exceeded”. Described as Hypnotic, Cosmic, Kinetic and Freewheeling, you can expect the unexpected with the SAND PEBBLES.
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