67 Special - A Melting Pot of Influences

They have an upcoming debut album and have toured with some of Australia's finest. 67 Special are set to claim their place in the Australian music industry. The Naked Dwarf managed to catch up with lead guitarist Gavin Campbell who describes their tunes as a "melting pot of influences."


Hailing from Melbourne, 67 Special was pieced together by Campbell and his mate (and singer) Ash Santilla.


"I met Ash at music camp in Benalla when we were both about 10 years old. From there, we became close friends in High school and played in a band together. It wasn't till after high school that the band as we know it as today came to start," explains Campbell.


One day the boys decided to record a demo of three acoustic songs with Campbell's best friends' brother, drummer Ben Dexter and keyboardist Louis, who they met through an exchange student program a couple of years beforehand.


And how did they score their bass player?


"We did a six month residency at a cafe in St Kilda and we met Bryan in the car park one day after a gig and he propositioned us, so after we told him this wasn't necessary and that all we needed was a bass player, he came on board," Campbell jokes.


The band was complete and so they swapped their cafe residency for a pub. They became a rock'n'roll band and spend the next 2 years playing every pub and club throughout Melbourne. Honing their live act and writing the songs that appear on the album.


After playing shows in every pub and clubs in Melbourne for 2 years, the band finally scored a deal with Festival Mushroom Records.


I could only wonder at their influences, so I asked Gavin.


"My favourite artists would be Muddy Waters , Television, Blondie, The Faces, MC5 and Ryan Adams. I'm currently rediscovering 'Exile on Main Street,' by the Stones, while the latest Kings of Leon album I think is a classic."


And do they influence your own music?


"They probably do. If I can get a bit riff happy for a while or whatever, you can probably guess that I've been listening to a lot of Ronnie Wood this week or in the same respect I can hear that maybe Ash might have been listening to Dylan or Ryan Adams. When the 5 of us meet to work on a song, by the end of it, the song we'll have been worked and sound like 67 special where all of our influences come together."


And now, what can we expect from the new album?


"I'm not sure what the public expect from this album, it's hard to know. I know all of us expect to be touring it hard and playing lots of shows for the next year. We love playing live and hopefully radio play will come with that."


Their debut album; "The World can Wait" comes out next month.

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