Magic Dirt - R and R? Heck no!

They have racked up roughly 13 years in the business and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


Their latest album ‘Snow White' is due out in October and they've recently finished a huge regional tour of Australia, as well as making the film clip to their newest single.


To say Magic Dirt have been busy would be a bit of an uderstatement.


The Naked Dwarf's Louise Taylor caught up with front woman Adalita to collect her thoughts on the last six months.


Funding from the Federal Governments program for the performing arts was the backing for their most recent tour, which took them from Mannum, S.A to Dunsborough, W.A, and most places in between.


"The local people who come to the shows loved it and we got a chance to talk to them all after and hang out. They loved that bands came out [of] their way to play and that just made it all worthwhile", Adalita says of their Playing Australia tour.


Magic Dirt also gave up and coming young Aussie bands the chance to support them on their latest tour.


"We had such an amazing response to it and there are so many cool young bands out there. They just need encouragement and opportunity," Adalita says.


Songs from the forthcoming album had been tried out live since around October last year.


Adalita explains that this was an important thing to do, "equally for ourselves and the audience as thrashing the songs out live really helps the songs to grow."


But touring isn't the only thing they've been up to in recent months.


Magic Dirt have completed their sixth studio album to date and worked with American sound engineer David Bianco, who has also twiddled the knobs for the likes of The Pixies, Tom Petty, Teenage Fanclub and on You Am I's ‘Hourly Daily'.


"By the time the new album rolled around David ended up being the perfect choice. It was a gut feeling and we just knew he would be the perfect man for the job. It was very collaborative," Adalita reflects.


Fans of the band will know that their last album (ARIA nominated Tough Love) was a very emotional one to make. So was there anything they took from that experience or did they go for a whole new outlook this time around?


"This album is more of a mystique thing. It reveals itself to me as we go along with the whole project. It's like it's telling ME things rather than me having the whole story worked out."


"For me, ‘Snow White' is like a mystery - and it's beautiful. I wanted to really try and make a beautiful thing - and I think we achieved it," she says.


Music is not the sole passion of this lady of rock. It's a known fact that Adalita is a very big supporter of welfare groups such as WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) and continually tries to raise awareness for them in her day to day life.


"I feel I have a responsibility to help animals in need whenever I can, as a citizen. Sometimes the public arena presents an opportunity where I can mention these ideals and in the ways that I can help."


With that said and done, fans can expect to be seeing and hearing a lot from this Geelong foursome with the next few months seeing "Lots of touring. And then more touring."


New single Locket is out August 8th, taken from forthcoming album Snow White due out September 5th.

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