The Beautiful Girls - a wonderful life

The Beautiful Girls have just come back from a successful trip to Canada, and while they were real received there, America, they say, is a harder market to crack. But that's ok for the Australians; it just means we have them all to our selves for a little while longer.


Liv Blichfeldt had a chat with the drummer, Mitch Connelly, from The Beautiful Girls. The Beautiful Girls are about to embark on their national tour and Mitch says they are all looking forward to it.


The Beautiful Girls have played with the likes of Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, Donovan Frankenreiter, G-Love and Mason Jennings. Mitch believes Mason is "an amazing musician who is an influence on the group."


Mitch commented on how strange it is for the group to be playing with these musicians who they grew up to listening to and loving. They were the support band for Ben Harper on his first concert in Sydney.


Sydney is the stomping ground of the band and they have been together five years and counting. They also have a sexy new Brazillian recruit who plays the harmonica.


Johnny Cash was a apparently an early influence on Mitch also. The T.B.G boys listen to an eclectic range of music. "Everything and anything," Mitch says. They are always open and looking for ideas for their music. Beats from Reggae, Hip Hop, Dance music.


But it isn't just music that inspires the band, with outdoor events such as the Woodford festival and the Falls Festival also motivating the group. They are always looking for new ideas. The first Falls Festival they played at had a real impact on them particularly their show in Tassie last year. "There was just something so special about that concert. The atmosphere and vibe was unbelievable," Mitch says.


Their new album, "We're already Gone", has a rad new beat, but still has the unique sound of T.B.G. The song "Girl Lets Take the Long Way Home" can be heard on Triple J and Mitch says the inspiration for the album has come from their experiences touring with their lyrics speaking of thehard ships of the road. For instance, long-distant relationships.


Matt ( McHugh, lead vocalist and guitarist), Mitch says, writes the majority of the lyrics. The most important thing with their music is that they put their heart and soul into it.


Mitch's philosophy in life would have to be to try not to judge people and to be tolerant. "You have got to keep your cool and not lose it. The main thing is just to laugh when everything seems to be going wrong," he says.


The T.B.G boys love the simple things in life like surfing, playing music and being with the people they love. Mitch says they really do appreciate these things when they are on the road because that's what's missing.


The Beautiful Girls are currently touring nationally. Shows in your area can be found below.

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