You've Got a Bad Hip, You Shouldn't Be Dancing is the debut EP from Hobart four piece Branded Left Handed. As the title suggests these youngsters have their tongues placed firmly in their cheeks for much of this six song disk.


The result of a year or so of line-up changes and hard work, You've Got a Bad Hip is a promising collection of fast paced and intelligently written tracks from a group calling themselves "Hobart's hottest punk rock outfit".


Opening with the hilarious Safety Doesn't Take a Holiday, You've Got a Bad Hip offers a Tasmanian perspective on punk rock of the Blink 182 / Kisschasey variety. Lyrics like "I drink responsibly, or I stay at home and watch telly. I believe my mum when she tells me, Safety Doesn't Take a Holiday" make this EP refreshing and a whole lot of fun.


While the EP has been recorded and printed on a tight budget, there's no denying the creative talents and musicianship of the band. Songs are played tight, vocals are delivered effectively and the lyrics are clever and entertaining. The band's collective energy almost jumps off the disk.


The band have played a host of shows locally and have supported the likes of After the Fall and Ballpoint and are currently playing shows to support this release. Branded Left Handed are looking forward to rocking out on the Northern side of the Bass Strait in 07.


Branded Left Handed have the songs and ability, hopefully some time in the future they'll have the financial backing to make a recording to match. In the mean time You've Got a Bad Hip is sure to be a hit with their fans and may be enough to stir some interest amongst industry types.


You've Got a Bad Hip, You Shouldn't Be Dancing is a very indie affair so you'll need to contact the band to track down a copy, your best bet is their myspace site at:…

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