Noise pollution. It's what the rents are threatening to kick me out for if I don't turn down the stereo and stop playing Death From Above 1979's debut record You're A Woman, I'm A Machine. But an album this good is worth risking eviction for, and really, the olds should just be happy that I only got this cd last week instead of two years ago when it was first released.


Death From Above 1979 are two guys, a drum kit, a bass and a synthesiser, attempting to make music that sounds like an elephant in your living room. While I'm not so sure about this elephant thing they've got going on (the album cover has them sporting trunks) I am convinced that together Sebastien Granger (drums/vocals) and Jesse F. Keeler (bass/synth) have produced one of the most innovative and exciting records around this side of the millennium.


Clocking in at a mere 35 minutes You're A Woman... will take you on an ear splittingly loud, sweaty rock trip that will make you lose control and leave you begging for more as you hit the repeat button on your cd player over and over so the journey never ends. Every track on this record is dripping with a furious urgency that is accentuated by the desperation that is evident in Sebastien's vocals. Their lyrics are brimming with raw emotion that only serves to add to the intensity of their sound, which at times is almost too much.


In an age where dance rock is overrun by 80's revivalists with their skinny jeans, skinny ties and mediocre guitar riffs it is refreshing to hear a rock band that actually understands the dance genre. Their music is an expression of the primal instincts by which they live and if it is not enough to get you up out of your chair and thrashing around madly on a dance floor somewhere then you're either dead or over the age of 40, or both.


When listening to this record it is difficult to believe the sounds they're making aren't coming from a guitar, but in Death From Above 1979 there are no guitars allowed. As they say themselves "we don't need them, and besides why would we want to put anyone else on the payroll?" and with attitude like that it's easy to see why their music is winning over legions of fans around the globe.


Death From Above 1979 – You're A Woman, I'm A Machine is available now on Shiny records. Buy it and see what you've been missing out on. And perhaps buy some earplugs for your neighbours and the people that you live with, that way they'll have less reason to complain when you're blasting this record on your stereo again and again.

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