Sleep Parade - You Are Here

I'll admit, i'd never heard of this Melbourne 4 piece, who describe themselves as progressive/rock/alternative. After an initial listen, this 5 track EP has a definate angsty feel about it – if you're having a black mood kind of day its the perfect soundtrack... although with brief glimmers of hope shining through in the odd lyric.


It opens with "Take Me Down", which to me sounded like a potential post relationship anthem – full of lyrics about bother and control with a chorus "Don't ya bother me. I'm falling to the ground. Controllin me. It's gonna take me down".


"Parasite" follows full of such anger I shuddered for a moment to think the song might actually be describing an actual person. The chorus is wrapped in emotion, full of a multitude of "f" words – so listening to this one was fraught with peril during the daylight hours with my 5 year old lurking in the background, whose just started to sing along to whatever music he hears.


Track three, "Things Get Better" tries to break this dark mood with such lines as "I'm trying to belive that things get better. Inspiration lies outside these walls, But a spoonful of sugar makes it all go down. All go down..., but I wasn't overly convinced of the sincerity of things getting better.


Track four "Lost" is a 2min 30 sec musical interlude – the first time I listened to it I waited and waited for the lyrics to begin –and thought when the singing began that track 4 and 5 were one and the same because it does flow really well into the final track.


The EP ends with "Don't Lose Yourself", where my favourite line on the whole CD is sung "Don't you follow me, Don't you follow me. Even sheep can choose. Cause in the end, in the end. You are all you have" - so true, Sleep Parade.


Well produced, with an instantly recognisable, but very arty photo of Melbourne on the cover, Sleep Parade's second EP "you are here" is definitely worth a spin. The lyrics are quite poetic in places and after a few plays I felt like I had been up and down on an emotional rollercoaster – the EP will continue to feature in my music collection, especially when the mood fits.

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