There is plenty of room in this world for people, and artists, like Michael Franti - his music makes you think about what's happening in the world. Yell Fire!, his new cd, makes you want to make a stand.


Anything with a deeper level that makes you question can only be a good thing. All music has its place - and its refreshing to see the rise in politically/activisty tunes. When you place that next to something like these so called pop idols - well there is no comparison. And yes, Michael (and real music) wins.


Not just content with writing the music - Michael has actually taken his talent to the front line and the troops in Iraq, so he really knows what he is singing about.


With beautiful lyrics such as "I dont need a passport to walk on this earth. Anywhere I go cause I was made of this earth. I'm born of this earth and even with the pain I believe in this earth." you cant help but he filled with hope listening to this cd. It is such a multicultural record - and feels very worldly. A lot of Yell Fire! was recorded in Jamaica - and you can hear this influence throughout the tracks.


'I know I'm not alone' is a gorgeous song about unity. We can never get enough songs like this, after all we are all in this together.


"God is too big for just one religion" is another key lyric on this 'let us all come together' record. And yes, lets. The world is too small for all this fighting. Michael Franti helps us to appreciate what we have. Listen to this cd, and go hug your neighbour.

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