World's End Press - World's End Press

World's End Press - World's End Press

World’s End Press have been kicking around for a few years now. Boasting a cheeky blend of new wave electronica and indie sensibilities, this Melbourne foursome were always good for a fun time.

But, that was pretty much it.

World’s End Press were in danger of falling into what is known as the Red Riders Complex. The band that was great but lacked any potential. The band you always saw supporting touring indie heavyweights. The band you had to drag yourself out of your scattered stupor to see open the Mix Up Tent on the second day of Splendour in the Grass 2011. Well, maybe that second one was just me.

Which is why this album is so good.

World’s End Pressself-titled debut album provides one of the more unexpected efforts of 2013, blending a wide-ranging selection of alternative dance ideas with an in-depth appreciation of deep house and techno music.

Recorded with ex-UNKLE member, Tim Goldsworthy, World’s End Press have created an album brimming with ambition and expanse.

Goldsworthy, who is the co-owner of legendary independent label DFA Records, has his fingers all the way through this one. This is dance music, it is electronic music, but much like the heavyweights on the DFA roster, the fact that this music is made by a band is never lost.

This is put on show to the highest degrees when World’s End Press extend their palette beyond the 5 minute mark, particularly in sweeping explorations 'Someone’s Daddy' and 'Deadbeat Sweetheart'. The band go down the path of extensive funk jams and house breakdowns without ever losing sight of the sort of energy only a collective of musicians can create.

Above all, this album is a smart album. The album is separated neatly by 'Vanguard 1', a simple piano piece (some bloke called Freddie Mercury used to own the piano, whoever that is) that acts as a breath of fresh air before a more experimental second half of the album.

The album closes with another smart decision, 10 minute epic 'Out'. An amalgamation of the entire album, it puts the perfect cap on close to an hour of music, whilst still leaving you desperately wanting more. 'Out' is you, walking home at 5am with no idea how your night’s going to end, or how your day is going to start.

Not only does this album present more than just a unique take on nu-disco, it presents a taste of longevity. So strong is this album, you’d expect World’s End Press to stick around for some time to come.
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