Wolfmother - Wolfmother

This album embodies a cosmic head trip worthy of anyone who deems themselves a disciple of rock n roll. From its opening track "colossal" to the final track "vagabond", Wolfmother take to the helm and guide you on a twelve tracked journey of psychedelic fuelled mayhem. You can quit rummaging through your fathers 70's vinyl, refrain from clawing through dingy market stalls rock records and invest in this one album and feel no sting of sorrow in doing so after doing hearing this.


New tracks which can be found upon the album like "colossal" and "minds eye" definitely delve into a more Sabbath like mind frame while "tales from the forest gnomes" seem reminiscent of The Beatles Sgt Peppers era. The album does consist of their most famous tracks such as "woman" and "apple tree" which can be found on their now deleted 2004 self titled e.p, have been redone and remastered to a more professional standard befitting the Wolfmother name.


This is to say that while the trio pay homage to the rock greats, they also do something unique and along their own hazy galactic path of thinking. This reviewer will have to admit though that the saying of music genres time in the lime light does indeed go in cycles and honestly rings true with the rise of Wolfmother. There are times when the nostalgic vibe of the album somewhat places the sound in danger of being more of a novelty rather than an inspiring insight into a sound scape of a genre of rock n roll reclaimed. Thankfully though, the album is well balanced enough to steer close to the reef without sustaining any damage to the hull in the process.


Truly a must have. This album seems to bring so much to the table in a nicely sized easy to digest package of twelve track goodness. It is well thought out and the tracks flow into each other smoothly. It is easy to see why Wolfmother have gained such a reputation so quickly as one of Australia's premier rock acts. If you have heard Wolfmother at any point in your existence and appreciate what they are doing you owe to yourself to stop reading this review, exit the room and purchase this album. Now. What are doing still reading this mediocre attempt at an article still? Go!

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