Fatboy Slim has made an indelible mark upon the psyche of pop culture of the last decade – if you will, he is sociologically the musical equivalent of The Simpson's.


Very few Generation Y types could listen to ‘Why Try Harder – The Greatest Hits' and not recognise at least one track. There's not a lot new here, just 2 new tracks, but it is after all a best of collection, cutely named ‘Why Try Harder', and few artists have so earned the right to a best of.


The albums line-up, hitting off with the irrepressible ‘Rockafellar Skank' has all of the usual suspects, ‘Praise You', ‘Right Here, Right Now', ‘Going out of my Head' and ‘Weapon of Choice', plus the two new tracks, ‘Champion Sound' and ‘That Old Pair of Jeans.'


The bonus DVD is worth a look at. It holds 10 video clips including the 2 award winning clips by director Spike Jonze, the classic ‘Weapon of Choice' and ‘Praise You.' It also has perhaps Fatboy Slims most known hits, ‘Rockafeller Skank' and ‘Right Here Right Now' from which the album cover derives its inspiration from.


It's interesting to look through the career of an artist who has so obviously inspired others in the dance/DJ genre. Greatest Hits compilations are always good choices for party soundtracks or for people wanting to get into an artist, but hardcore Fatboy Slim fans will mostly be buying this for the DVD component.


All Greatest Hits albums are a little hard to rate, the album does after all reflect the artist in its entirety. If you're a big fan of Fatboy Slim you'll have all the albums and have probably already bought this for the 2 new singles, but if you've enjoyed a few scattered Fatboy Slim tracks over the last decade, ‘Why Try Harder – The Greatest Hits' is an excellent place to start.

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