Sign, The - Whole Lotta Love

There is only one reason why anyone should dare to record Led Zeppelin's classic track Whole Lotta Love and that sole reason is that you ARE in fact Led Zeppelin. Period.


Therefore, the reason The Sign have chosen to do just that on their EP is completely lost upon me. Call me naïve, but I thought the reason musicians recorded EP's was to showcase their own talent and illustrate their uniqueness? Thus recording a third-rate cover version of quite possibly one of the world's greatest and most influential band's classic tracks is completely counter-productive to this process. Moreover, it is just wrong, plain fucking wrong.


Ok, perhaps I am being a little unfair, it is not The Sign's fault that the person reviewing their EP is a highly protective Led Zeppelin fan and Whole Lotta Love is perhaps her favourite Led Zeppelin song, they were not to know, but then again, I am fairly certain that I am not the only one of us out there. Overarchingly, I think it is a pity those 4 minutes and 30 seconds of precious EP time is taken up with such a wasted effort when The Sign could have and should have squeezed another of their own tracks on there.


Why they have failed to do this can mean only one of two things:


a) The Sign think they can out rock Led Zep (which is in itself a highly self-congratulatory notion, and in this case entirely inaccurate)


b) The Sign just don't have a heck of a lot of material to work with


Judging by the remaining tracks on the EP, I have to resoundingly contend that the latter is far most likely. The remaining three tracks Sweet Concern, Addiction and Love Me are acceptable but they fail to leave an impression on the listener. They are neither particularly bad nor particularly memorable. Whilst the press release states that The Sign meld rock, blues, pop and folk, I can see none of the musical textures which any of these genres can provide illustrated in of the tracks.


At any rate I am loathe to completely lambast a recording. Primarily because I am not a musician and I have always and will always continue to unflinchingly defend any musician's right to have their music heard and appreciated. Unfortunately, Whole Lotta Love appears to be a somewhat wasted effort from The Sign, perhaps on their next recording they will better illustrate what they can do rather than who they can imitate.

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