Sydney four-piece Domino have been kicking around the Sydney music scene for almost a decade. Where The Desert Meets the Sea is their first full-length album, after the release of an EP in 2007, and for fans of the band will be well worth the wait.

First track 'My Opiate' begins with a Middle Eastern tinged instrumental, before exploding into frantic progressive rock with steely yet beautiful vocals from frontwoman Erica Bowron. Domino appear to have mastered the ability to successfully integrate heavy rock with Zeppelin-esque Middle Eastern tones, without it becoming tacky or over the top. This works particularly well in the unique standout track 'Karislama,' which has slower moments with jazz flavours placed amongst the walls of sound more typically associated with modern prog-rock. 'Sevdah' also makes an impact, with a hymn-like chorus breaking up the middle of the song.

Extremely tuneful whilst never disregarding their heavy rock intentions, this is an album that will win the band new fans and maintain their old ones. There is a wonderful consistency and flow throughout the whole record; Domino know what their strengths are and they stick to them. Musically they sound closely linked to prog rockers the Mars Volta.

It is evident that each aspect of each song on Where the Desert Meets the Sea has been lovingly crafted by a mature band with supreme attention to detail. All the elements play off one another to create a well-rounded masterpiece. This is an astoundingly beautiful debut from a group of people who are evidently masters of their music.

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