Laura Imbruglia - What A Treat

Laura Imbruglia is about to release her third album titled What A Treat on June 7, produced by Melbourne’s Simon Grounds. After her fabulous release with the initial single 'Why'd You Have To Kiss Me So Hard' and the infectious guitar popping 'Awoooh' prepared yourself for the full album.

The album has crowd funded though Pozible where a multitude of items were offered such as the album itself, fantale wrappers and a load of other great rewards.

Laura relocated from Sydney to Melbourne in 2010, and since then she has swiftly acquired some of Melbourne’s finest musicians to form her band (members of Smallgoods, Ground Components & Midnight Woolf are in the mix) from a 3-piece to a 5-piece introducing lead guitar and pedal steel to expand her arrangements and give more body to her songs. What A Treat (which, incidentally is packaged with a fan-funded jigsaw puzzle!) introduces Laura and her band effortlessly as they switch from psych-rock to power pop to country, further enforcing Laura’s reputation as a versatile musician.

Songs liks 'Harsh Dylan Songs' are reminiscent of days gone by and 'If I Ever' starts with steel guitar adding that soulful sound to the cruising tune. 'Limerance' starts with Laura's beautiful tones enveloped with acoustic guitar and some casual yet effective finger picking, a natural head bobbing song, and check out 'The Intervention' which is filled with featuring artists, male and female switching the song from pop to country rather effectively. 'Incest' starts with electric guitar folding into quirky vocals amidst some gold drumming, harmonies and guitar solo. 'What A Treat' uses Laura's imploring vocals with soulful and an almost sad undertone.

Lyrically, the ten songs are about unreturned love, bad decisions and the shame associated with finding oneself in recurring bad life patterns. Special guest musicians include Laura Jean, Ben Salter (The Gin Club), Seja Vogel (ex-Regurgitator), Fraser A. Gorman, Bob Harrow and Peter Lubulwa (Immigrant Union).

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