Joseph Leonard - Weather Vane Woman

To know nothing about an artist before you review their music is kind of refreshing. About Joseph Leonard- I knew only what I found from his cd - a deep voice, funky artwork, a cool kind of name. I knew not where he came from. I knew nothing about his style.


At first listen I didn't make it through track one, dismissing the cd as self-indulgent, I pulled it from my stereo and chucked it aside. I returned to it the next day, this time listening through twice and appreciating it as ‘night time' music, chilled and perfect for lamp-lit rooms.


The third listen was in the car and I liked it even more- the sounds that I had thought were my housemates slamming doors were actually on the cd and added a unique kind of texture to the music. Lyrically the album does not stand out but that doesn't seem to matter, it's beautiful in a mysterious kind of way. He reminds me a little of Buck 65.


The album became all the more intriguing when I tried to do some research and could find out nothing about this guy. I finally found his website (okay so it was on his album sleeve, I'd just missed it) and discovered that he is Australian - from NSW. I was surprised by this, his music is different to a lot of the stuff coming out of Australia currently. He's been kicking around in a series of bands and ‘Weather Vane Woman' is his second album. His first album, ‘Soft on the Small Moon' was released in 2004.


His bio online is filled with volumes of self-deprecating talk that took away from the artist I'd imagined him to be. The music suggests a kind of serious introspection, the website portrays insecurity. I guess the lesson to be learnt from all this is that sometimes we should enjoy albums without needing to know about the artists. Ones ability (or inability) to market themselves is not really telling of their talent and Joseph Leonard has style.


Weather Vane Woman (out through Heavy records) is worth a listen. It's different enough to draw you in and shows enough promise to make you want to hear what's next.

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