Whilst Tracing Back Roots is We Came As Romans third release, you could be mistaken for thinking that this was their first. I am an avid fan of most things metal and all of its sub-genres that have sprouted over the last couple of decades. But over the last couple of years the metal scene has been flooded with pop bands masquerading as metal bands.

As much as We Came As Romas try to be a metal-core band they simply fail to deliver anything that is going to inspire future generations. No amount of screaming vocals, distortion and double kick drumming will make this release heavier than what it really is.

That said, I did enjoy the opening track, but unfortunately the following 10 songs all seemed to mesh into one. This is not a horrid release, but it is also not an inspiring release. There really isn’t anything in this release that sets them apart from the pack.

Although there is enough to suggest the next album will be a killer, Tracing Back Roots falls short of the mark.
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