Songstress Tracy Redhead has been a busy girl of late, collaborating with The Green Mist and The Chapel of Ease. And she's one talented lady, too. On her new album, Walking Home A Different Way she writes, plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, strings and keys. Oh and she sings, too. If you haven't heard her voice, it is out of this world.


Starting off with the understated mellow tones of Where It Fits, the album has an uneasy, mysterious ambiance. It begins simply, with Tracy's soft vocals accompanied by only an acoustic guitar, slowly building into a beautifully arrangement. "I'm not too sure why I'm finding it so hard to start my day," she plainly wonders.


Crossroads' adds an ominous tone to the album with Tracy darkly stating "I just can't take the heart I'd break if this is real" before later wailing "is this real?" The darkness continues with next song Lonesome, a despairing song about a relationship break-up. If life experience helps make a good song, then a break-up makes for a bloody great song.


It's not all darkness on this album though. Is This Your World? is great pop moment with lush, uplifting melodies and Tracy's vocals soaring through the up-tempo arrangement. This is the type of song you want playing on the radio when you wake up in the morning, a sweet and elevating tune that makes the world seem alright.


Many of the songs on this album are carefully arranged to let Ms Redhead's beautiful vocals shine through. Her saccharine-sweet voice changes to show emotions of wistfulness, yearning and betrayal. Her tunes are sung plainly and honestly, without any unnecessary vocal gymnastics taking over the melody. The acoustic arrangements are just a joy to listen to, perfectly suiting Tracy's vocals while also alternating between being uplifting and dark.


Walking Home A Different Way is a quality album that reveals itself more over time. The raw emotion and honest way Tracy sings makes for compelling listening, while the sweet melodies make for many repeat listens.

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