Veruca Salt - Ghost Notes

Veruca Salt - Ghost Notes

Well…..Praise the Lord Veruca Salt reformed back in 2012. After their successful crowd funding campaign on PledgeMusic, their latest (and much anticipated) album titled ‘Ghost Notes’ just goes to show that this band are meant to be together.

It’s astounding that even after fourteen years apart with their broken friendships, that they can still reunite and produce a monster of an album like this. Time obviously heals all wounds with this band! Most of the tracks (a full fourteen of them) on the album had me subconsciously playing the drums with the pens on my desk. I just wished that everyone in my office could hear the aural splendour that was going on in my headphones and not the annoying beats that I was producing on the Laminex.

Nina Gordon and Louise Post still have the vocal chemistry that is one of Veruca Salt's trademark sounds. Though I do have to mention that Steve Lack’s aggressive bass licks and the tight complexity of Jim Shapiro’s drums complete their sound.

Their new album is gutsy, raw and just everything that you expect from Veruca Salt. Hopefully this new album will mean a new tour to Australia and I can tell you, I will be buying tickets just to hear this album live!

'Ghost Notes' - I want it daddy…And I want it NOW!

Check out their first single of Ghost Notes, 'Laughing In The Sugar Bowl'.
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