Often when I review a CD I search a band's website (or as is more often the case these days, their [shudders] Myspace site) for a little information on their background, influences, style and the like. I researched "Liability of my Own" and was at once intrigued by their self-described style: Punk / Hardcore / Screamo. At this stage I already had the CD rotating and needed no explanation of the term "Screamo" (the other two were well known terms) as I was getting a clear definition from my stereo speakers. As I am sure you understand what I am referring to, I need go no further.


These four South Australian guys formed their band in 2003 and after many live gigs, both locally and interstate, have recently released their debut EP, "Vengeance Before Forgiveness". On first listen I was instantly reminded of Good Charlotte – forgive my lack of knowledge regarding the punk scene. But of course Good Charlotte are lacking in the Screamo department. After several listens I have got to say I don't really mind it. My two cents; get rid of the "Screamo". What purpose does it serve? Is it to enhance the hardcore image? Undoubtedly it is, but it just does nothing for the music. I think the grinding guitars, the thudding bass and the hell-for-leather drumming speak for themselves.


The dual vocalists work well together and have the ability to produce emotive melodies. The guitar and drums are characteristic of hardcore punk and the guys do it well. There are some great moments in these tracks where the fast tempo and beats of the drums combine with some interesting chord progressions to showcase the passion in this music. The lyrics themselves also add to this emotion.


"Liability of my own" are certainly a band to keep an eye out for if hardcore punk music is what you crave.

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