The Great Gatsby Soundtrack is produced by Baz Luhrmann - when you think of his movies I bet you are already thinking colour, spectacle, Aussie actors you hadn't seen for a while and an eclectic soundtrack. Nope? Well the music is always parallel with the actual movie and this is what you are in for with this release.

The album has Jay-Z as the executive producer and the songs are flashy; reminiscent of colour, beauty, glitz, boldness, drama, romance and made with money : lots of it. It's about the elite and the rich in the 1920's, so naturally Baz turned out the goods and got an elite group of musicians. I'm not sure if F.Scott Fitzgerald would be having a boogie with this soundtrack but both directors are no doubt ahead of their time and implore a solid star rating.

The first four tracks aren't my cup of tea, (they were okay with a couple of shots of Baileys and cranked up a bit, yeah judge me now), but they are artists that are hugely popular with more money than sense. Jay Z, Beyonce, Will.I.Am, and Fergie do have worldly respect and the songs integrate into the movie rather well, although on their own, I'm not so sure. I admit Beyonce and Andre 3000 singing the Amy Winehouse cover of 'Back In Black' is catchy and displays Beyonce using her sexy low vocals.

Baz always puts his name to great musicians and the soundtrack demonstrates this with Sia, Goyte and hello Bryan Ferry and his Bryan Ferry Orchestra! Lana Del Rey, Nero and Florence and The Machine show you just how diverse the soundtrack is.

The Highlight is Jack White singing the U2 song, Love Is Blindness and one straight to the heart is Sia taking on Kill To Run. It's a soundtrack where you will find the songs are cohesive in telling the story of The Great Gatsby.
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