Bliss n Eso - Up Jumped The Boogie

The stereotypes and clichés of Australian hip hop are played out true to form on this 4 track single.


With lyrical styling that seems only to follow the subject matter pertaining to the bogan art forms of hitting spiffs, downing cheap beer and of course the misogynistic references to getting laid, this reviewer found himself groaning and letting out a melancholic sigh in time to every recycled backbeat.


This is not even to mention the two video clips included "Up jumped the boogie" and "Party at my place", which look like they were shot with a kids toy camera by a monkey.


The idea of hip hop being a progressive and ever growing scene can hardly be endorsed by such a stagnant release as this. Being both void of originality and also containing a horrid use of Ebonics to voice egotistical "ocker" dribble, this single leaves this reviewer wondering whether or not the band wishes to be taken seriously.


Perhaps this release is a misunderstood joke on my part. Perhaps there are elements at work this reviewer just can't understand. The most likely explanation though, is that when held in comparison with the likes of the Herd, Hilltop Hoods or to a lesser extent, Hermitude, Bliss N' Eso just seem like so much white noise.

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