Joan Jett needs little introduction. The original rock chick who pioneered the all-girl punk outfit, the Runaways at just 15, has maintained her standing as one of rock’s ultimate front women. Rolling Stone named her as one of only two females in their list of 100 greatest guitar players of all time. The originator and campaigner against animal cruelty , supported by her long standing band The Blackhearts, is back with her 14th studio album, Unvarnished

The first single off the album, ‘Any Weather‘, is upbeat, catchy and well built, not surprisingly when you realise it was Dave Grohl who recorded, produced and played a number of instruments on this track. Joan Jett’s signature vocals pour over the top and bind the whole track together creating a great fullness of sound.

The album looks at themes that you would expect from an ageing rock chick; a look at her own life as well as those around her. With song titles such as ‘Hard to Grow Up‘, ‘Soulmates to Strangers’ a collaboration with Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace, Through to a light-hearted dig at our tend to over share, ‘TMI’ (Which stands for too much information) The riff heavy ‘Different’ is a stand out track on this album and shows the familiarity of the black hearts to Jett’s signature sound.

If you are a Joan Jett fan chances are you’ll love this album. It’s edgy, contemporary and classic Jett, but those who aren’t Jett aficionado’s will potentially find it’s all a bit same same.

This album is definitely worth a spin but its best to drop a track or two into a play list where they each get to shine against a bit of contrast.

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