Devil Rides Out, The - Ugly Creatures EP

Devil Rides Out, The - Ugly Creatures EP

Perth based rockers The Devil Rides Out have released their highly anticipated Ugly Creatures EP, the follow-up to Volumes I, II, and III EP trilogy and debut album The Heart & The Crown.

Ugly Creatures is a 5-track insight into the obsidian metal rockers plethora of riffology magic, hypnotic dominate bass supported well by an intense beat that defies all things commercial.

The record begins with ‘Ugly Creature’. It starts with a luring bass intrigue that dives into a slow and steady vocal growl rising from the chest, married with a consistent beat, and a rustic-rock riff that smoothly transitions in pace with the tracks persuasive percussion.

The dark sinister mood stays with track two ‘Empty Sky,’ but more of lighter vibe through a two voice pairing of rocker growl and the more melancholy throat voice. The beat is steady and speeds up with complexity with the progression of dominating bass and stretched raw riff melodies. The track ends with a luring whisper.

‘Burn Again’ begins on mellower pace growing with the heavier darker rock pairing of beats, riffs, vocals that transition from a bellowing plead to a dream-like hum in the background and the addictive loops forming new patterns with every listen.

‘The Righteous Walk’ brings a sense of nostalgia with the tender flicks of percussion and bleeding guitars, that climax occasionally with the beat and bass.

‘Blood River’ the last track of the EP holds the consistency of beat, riffs and vocals, featuring an echo-chilling guitar highlights a third of the way through.

The Devil Rides Out with Ugly Creatures takes you on an eclectic journey of riff solos, each with intriguing looping hooks as your ears feast upon the clever melancholy chilling lyrics. The EP highlights the four-piece rockers high calibre of technique and rock-esque sound. It’s refreshing to be taken on a nostalgic rock journey with new sounds, without being subjected to the same dry monotonous vibe that appears all too much these days within the genre.

Ugly Creatures is highly recommended. The temptation of hitting the repeat button is certainly there. Looking forward to see what the guys do next!
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