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This is the perfect example of why turntables should be used to play Beatles albums and not techno music. People with no talent whatsoever get themselves some decks, a bag full of $2 rejects LPs from some tiny record store and BAM. Two months later they've infected the whole world with more obnoxiously bad, not worth the plastic they're burnt on albums that are soon to be elevator music.


Lazyboy's album TV shouldn't even be reviewed. The only reason people have heard this crap is because JJJ occasionally makes quite big mistakes in it's programming. It's an album that, in 5 months time, will have disappeared back into obscurity, only to be played at 2005 school reunions (if anyone is thinking of organising one of these you can have my copy and hold onto it for posterity)


Lazyboy present music that is pretending to be thought provoking and challenging, but it's not. It's un-educated Americanism at it's worse. The only reason I got through this album to write this is because it's so bad it could be compared to the hellfire and brimstone preachers you hear about in television shows. It the audio equivalent of a car crash it so bad you can't help but listen.


I know what they're going for here. They want to be the Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy. Tackling ‘important' issues through prose (for example, their thesis that marijuana should be legal because it's ‘natural', and backing up this assertion with the statement that it is ‘unnatural' to give old men viagra) and laying it over a hip hop/dance track. To say they've failed would be like saying the holocaust was a bit of an inconvenience for the jewish community.


The music sampled isn't hip hop or dance but eighth rate techno. What's that you ask? Well, imagine a sample of ‘The Vengabus is coming' played backwards and then some guy coming in every few seconds with that annoying "Whoop Whoop" noise. Most people would listen to that then take a vow to never listen to music again. Ever. But no, such rubbish inspires Lazyboy. They hear these tracks and seem to say: "Hey you know what would make this heaps better? Some pedestrian, disjointed, nonsensical soap-boxing spoken word by an assortment of people with the most annoying voices ever."


The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy had the track ‘Television, The Drug Of A Nation', a piece bemoaning people's increasing disinterest in the world around them. It was delivered with some flair by a young Michael Franti and generally worked really well. Lazyboy have ‘Underwear Goes Inside The Pants'…


Clubs and DJs will lap this pap up, as people off their heads at two o clock in the morning go into conniptions when this track drops. The people on the dance floor will all scream and hug each and mime along to the terrible vocals in the chorus while the people at the bar will listen to the annoying American diatribe and nod their heads like Jesus just walked into the club and announced thou shalt not kill.


Another shining example of the complete lack of talent on the album is the track ‘Man Woman (Yin & Yang)' which is simply a collection of un-funny sexist one liners aimed at the opposite sex spoken by the a guy and a girl. I'm assuming when the geniuses behind Lazyboy were nutting this one out they thought that presenting the jokes as conversation between a man and a woman they would stumble upon some undiscovered level of poignancy. They couldn't have been further from the truth they were looking for.


You can't hide behind good intentions. I'm sure that people who do like this album (deaf people probably) would defend it against it's critics by stating that it contains such a message of peace and understanding that to dis' it is to become one of the ‘hatemongers' that ruin this world that we live in, but….


There is no excuse for something this bad. It is an insult to anyone who has ever created a piece of music. Anyone who enjoys this should consider enrolling in some more school, grade 2 would be my suggestion.


Underwear goes inside the pants? This piece of shit stays outside of the cd player. Lazyboy are simply that.

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