Elemeno P - Trouble in Paradise

I wanted to like Elemeno P's music. I met them in the studio when they were recording their previous album Love & Disrespect (which ended up going triple platinum back in their homeland of New Zealand), and they were really nice guys. I didn't hear much of their music at the time, but strangely I remember thinking it sounded a bit like Weezer. If only that was so…


Elemeno P's second album Trouble In Paradise is a punk-pop record that probably would have been huge back when Blink 182's Dammit was ruling the airwaves. It is melodic, fast-paced, and well recorded, but a decade or so too late to make me weak in the loins.


Opening track You Are is fairly indicative of what to expect for the rest of the album. There are plenty of speedy riffs and a solid catchy chorus to hold it all together. The lyrics even manage to surpass their contemporaries of this genre (if there are any left), in that they don't go for cheap laughs or clichéd analogies. They're strong enough and even clever at times. But alas, it's all wasted on me.


Getting past the dated issue, Ohio, 11:57, and Life Is Not Fair are the strongest tracks on the album. Lots of thick harmonies, plenty of screaming support vocals in the choruses, and more climatic guitar crescendos than you can poke an angry stick at. Life Is Not Fair is the token reflective song, and no doubt plenty of 14-year-olds will get drunk on Passion Pop and cry to this one. Not even the nice backing vocals from bassist Lani Purkis is going to save this one for me.


Without an efficient time machine having yet been built, I can't see this album blowing any minds here in Australia - who knows what goes on over the Tasman? Still, if you want to check them out and make up your own mind, Elemeno P will apparently be touring with End of Fashion and Neon in the near future.

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