3to2 - Trading Blows

When you think of the north–west coast of Tasmania hip hop is not something that comes to mind and I must be honest and say that I volunteered to do this review to have a laugh after having seen these guys warming up at the uni bar last year and being less than impressed by their Franz Ferdinand inspired jeans and nervous repetitions of ‘2 to the 3 to the 3 to the 2'.


My first impression of 3 to 2 as sad nerds from the bush with dreams of booty and bling seemed validated when I opened their CD to discover that these MCs had adopted the oh so happening misspelt names of Sectah and Minutz. This being said I was very surprised to find myself enjoying the songs on their debut EP Trading Blows. With cheeky rhymes and accents that are far less occa and annoying than other Australian hip hop outfits, one can't help but be drawn in by the funky bass lines that dominate 3 to 2's music.


Stand out tracks include ‘1st Times' and ‘Mixed Drinks', both of which have a nice blend of rock guitar over hip hop beats that is slightly reminisent of a couple of Adidas sporting rap rock kings from yesteryear. Although my memories are very hazy, I think I caught some of their live set at the Falls Festival over new years and it was rather impressive – these guys have made a lot of progress since that uni bar gig.


The Trading Blows EP has not left my CD player since I received it and it looks set to stay there for quite some time. I do believe my neighbours now hate 3 to 2 as the massive subwoofer on my stereo only serves to make those bass lines better. So while their names leave a lot to be desired, Sectah and Minutz have produced a great debut that shows a lot of promise and is at the forefront of the ever burgeoning Tassie hip hop scene. These boys will be very busy over the next few months with a few live shows and a mix tape in the works that they are writing and producing themselves.


Keep an eye out for 3 to 2 because this EP may well be the start of something big and has made me wish that I'd stayed to watch their set past the initial warm up.

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