Tigertown - Wandering Eyes

Tigertown - Wandering Eyes

The third EP from indie pop quintet, Tigertown looks just like a vinyl LP from the seventies. Heck, Wandering Eyes even sounds like a record from that era. The group certainly know their Fleetwood Mac’s from their Fairport Conventions. They also offer something homely and not altogether unexpected here.

The band members are all tied together by either familial bonds or marriage vows. The youngsters have certainly grown and matured with each new release and this one is no different. They continue to develop their flair for eclectic tunes with a rustic feel, songs that are shiny pop gems and their own answers to Australiana. It’s also a formula that’s worked and earned them one impressive following to date.

'Weary One' kicks off proceedings with some chiming boy-girl vocals and a pop style that sits somewhere between Cloud Control and Ben Lee. The artists also take the time to doff their caps at Jack Johnson as he sits on a Hawaiian beach before they come to the realisation that all is not as it used to be, nor as they figured. The song’s strength lies in the fact that it successfully draws together lots of different sonic ingredients, but the lyrics are a bit of a let down because they’re overly simplistic and repetitive.

The previous single, 'What You Came Here For' is offered next and this one takes us on a turn back in time to eighties childhood films like The Neverending Story and others from the fantasy genre. 'Back In Time' meanwhile, does just as the title suggests and is the first one to really fit with the nostalgic EP art. It was also the band’s first self-confessed 'Real Fleetwood Mac moment'. But for my money it’s the following title track that really fits that bill, because it sounds dangerously close to being a reprise of the Mac’s 'Rhiannon'.

Wandering Eyes was recorded live by Liam Judson (Belles Will Ring) and at times it sounds like the group are playing house in a dark room or they’re joining forces by bellowing off the side of some grand mountaintop. The result is a sound that’s often large and full of layered harmonies plus lush and ambient melodies. Wandering Eyes is filled with polish and radiates from the brain to the pulse and concludes with a hypnotic heartbeat. For a group so young, this is ultimately another joyous addition to a first-rate canon.
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