Tyrant - Thunder down Under

Tyrant's second full length LP hits you in the face from the get go. The title track reminds the listener that these boys aren't here to baffle anyone, they are just here to rock hard.


This album has a lot of similarities to their first full length, ‘Freaks Of Nature', but their second effort seems to be more in your face than their previous. Apart from the piano parts which appear in the fantastically arranged ‘Dark Fury', and at the beginning of ‘Must Be The Devil', this album is filled with dirty riffs and choruses that are sharp and to the point.


To put their two albums in some sort of comparison, ‘Thunder' has lots of parts reminiscent of Megadeth's lesser known tracks, whereas ‘Freaks' sounds a bit more like Skid Row. ‘A Few Days To Kill' is an ode to the science fiction character – The Predator. Perhaps it is just the topic of the lyrics, but this is somewhere in the line of Megadeth's ‘Psychotron'. This song is a catchy and heavy all in one, with a terrific solo played behind the ending chorus repetitions, and leads into a sleazy, slow rocking sound of ‘Must Be The Devil', and even this slower track finishes by picking up the tempo and letting fly with a awesome guitar solo.


‘Thunder Down Under' doesn't stop from start to finish. The sound is heavier, better constructed, and the drums in this album far surpass anything on ‘Freaks'. The guitar solos throughout this record are weaved over the catchy, sometimes thrashing riffs with excellent cohesiveness. Although the song structures are better than Tyrants previous release, they haven't lost any edge in their sound, and the singing is harsher and dirtier than before.


Without going through this album track-by-track, its hard to describe why this album is worth buying, because as single songs, they all have potential to be hard rock classics. Despite this, the lack of any weak songs to drag the album down make this a genuine benchmark for Aussie hard rock bands. A lot of the songs have great choruses featuring backing vocals accentuating certain lines of the song – you know the drill, we've heard it all before, but not enough bands do it these days, and it is a great reminder of how hard rock should be played.


Favourite tracks would be ‘Dark Fury', which has everything – piano, crunching guitar riffs, melodic choruses and terrific solos. The chorus is amazing in this song – at first the vocals sound out of place, but by the second time you hear it, you realise how good the singing is. The way the boys have gone from the second chorus into the guitar solo is flawless. While this song stands out for me, ‘Killing Machine' is also a great track for almost opposite reasons. This just rocks hard from start to finish, but so do most of the tracks on this album. ‘Drink With The Devil' is such a catchy song that it is hard to go past. Essentially it is an ode to Bon Scott, and it's a tragedy that Bon can't hear this track. Don't believe me? Get this album and it won't disappoint.

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