E-Wah Lady - This Is Remorse

Where the hell do I start with this girl.


Before im about to chuck the CD in my stereo, Mum picks it up, has a look, and asks me if its R-rated… from then, I guessed I was in for something different. Bands sometimes show some of their personality and what not in their covers, which added more to my questioning as to what E-Wah lady was about.


On the first track I sit waiting to hear the vocals come a bit clearer, and show some difference between the versus, chorus, etc. Yet to no avail, it is like that the whole way through. Later on I read the cover and some stuff about her – turns out she was not exactly herself when she recorded this with her tape cassette.


Some time its as if she wants to just break out into a different tone and show me that's this may just be a chorus, but the it just stops and deflates back to the same flow as what's been through out the whole track.


She seems to have a nice voice, as we kind of hear in ‘Let's Make Some Noise', . It would be interesting to hear her when she is straight.


‘Eatcha All Up' opens promising, more like what I expected – an eclectic sound.


My way of describing my fair lady is a drunk, pirate hippie that has some drums, bells and can sing a bit. Its deep like metal/death music, but as the cover says ‘in a delirium'.

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