You might recall the story of The Masters Apprentices third greatest song, ‘Undecided’, which they made up on the spot in an early recording session and which much to their surprise (and without their knowledge – until they heard it on the radio) was selected by their record company to be their first single. They heard it in the car driving to a gig and got a surprise.

‘This Ain’t Real’ is ‘Undecided’ in the 21st century.

Powerful, primitive, apparently tossed off yet plugged into an ancient theme of desire and demand. With a circuitous riff that is both as old as time itself and as fresh as a mountain stream, The National Evening Express emerge as exponents of a tart yet solid manifestation of classic Australian rock.

Driving, suggestive, enterprising and heavy without being ponderous, the group show themselves to be utterly conversant in every component of what makes a fabulous rock song – from the aforementioned riff to the agitated, cataclysmic drums and wrenching vocals describing a sexual puzzle millions of years old.

Textured, epic and propulsive, the song has a lurid vividness few could resist.

Looking forward to more from this exceptionally tight outfit.

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