Metal Church are back with a brand new record, 20 years after the release of their debut album. The new album, Weight Of The World features a new bass player in Steve Unger, and a new vocalist in Ronnie Munroe (the 3rd in their 20 year career). This is their 7th studio album, and it certainly delivers with plenty of pace, grunt, and quality guitar work.


The first track, ‘Leave Them Behind' is an absolute ass kicker, fast, furious, and has some great riffs. It is probably the best track on the album, however there are plenty of other standout tracks. Hero's Soul is another fast paced belter of a track with a great chorus, while other tracks such as Madman's Soul, Wings Of Tomorrow and Sunless Sky are more epic, darker offerings. What these tracks lack in pace, they make up for in melody and haunting guitar work.


Vocalist Ronnie Murphy sounds like a mix of Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford, and for mine, he sounds great. He shows he's got plenty of variety in his voice, hitting high notes and carrying all the melodies with ease.


Being their first album since 1999, this is a welcome return to form for Metal Church, and they are by no means worse off with a new singer. Munroe nails this album, all the musicians sound polished, and the production is extremely good. The sound could be compared somewhat to Iced Earth, with a very true metal style. Thumbs up for this one – yet another great release for 2004.

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