The Trotskies - Self Titled

The Trotskies self titled EP opening track ‘Running' opens up with a black dirge of keyboards and droning guitars, it emulsifies into a beautiful trip that hooks the listener in straight away with its swirling chorus and hook laden vocals, I was expecting more Joy Division, but it reminds me more of the shoe gazers from the 90’s such as Ride and the Underground Lovers, soft and fleshy on the outside and brutal and nightmarish black on the inside.

The second track 'Vis A Vision' continues the journey even further, the rollercoaster gets to the top of the hill, then it is a massive drop and you can’t help but scream and lose your breath when those gorgeous guitars kick in. the vocals duck and weave like a boxer in a fight for his life, the thick layered production suits the band like a silk glove.
The track 'Home' is probably the darkest track on the EP. It is like a nightwatchman guarding a lighthouse during a storm, it crashes against the rocks, it’s brutal but glistening guitars are like ting boats smashing against the waves trying to keep afloat, it is the guiding vocals that bring the track home.

The final track 'Don’t Leave Me Out' softens things down a bit. It’s opening keyboard riff builds and builds and keeps the rhythm pulsating along beautifully, then the thick as syrup guitars punch in, allowing you to get lost in the thick forest of feedback. It whirls round your ears and spirals round like a kite caught in a electrical storm, snap and buzzes, then drifts away into the night.

The Trotskies are one band that flown into my radar and will definitely keep them in range when I see them in Melbourne some time soon
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