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In Sydney, early 2005 The Sunpilots were formed. As of this moment their self-titled debut EP is released. I had the pleasure of attending the official Sydney launch of this EP last night at The Vanguard in Newtown. I was already aware of the tracks from the band's website but was amazed by the sound of these guys live.


Their self-titled EP contains 6 songs that showcase the talent and unique style of The Sunpilots. Each song is a slow heartfelt expression laid out with melodic alternative rock n' roll. The vocals are strong and yet sorrowful. At times they are reminiscent of the vocals from Live's lead singer Ed Kowalczyk (This is a good thing. The band might have lost its hold on me over the years but the vocals have always been mesmerizing). The mix of acoustic and electric guitar is relaxing and along with the bass has an overall effect of soothing you and immersing you into the music. The backing vocals and harmonies work well to strengthen the effect of the music. The overall sound is a pleasurable experience.


I strongly suggest you check out The Sunpilot's website for a free taste of their material. I was hooked from the very first listen (There are a few extra songs on the site that are not on the EP - "Sex and TV" and "2 into 3" being my favourites). There is just something in their music that grabs you and makes you sit up and say, "Hey, these guys have a message and they sure know how to put it forward".


If you enjoy melodic emotional rock then do yourself a favour and check these guys out.

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