The year is 1957 and the world has been ravaged by US/Soviet nuclear war. Arnold's Diner from Happy Days is all that remains of the USA and an atomic blast has seen it relocated to a northern beach of Sydney. The diner is headquarters to a sex obsessed group of post-apocalyptic bikie zombies who lay waste to everything in their path.


Fast forward 49 years. The grandchildren of the zombie bikies still call Arnold's Diner home. But it is safe to go in the water now so these zombie bikie children can enjoy the beach and are a lot more well adjusted but equally hedonistic. Having being raised listening to Arnolds' old juke box, they have learnt to party down and have formed a band. And this band is The Goons of Doom. And the only thing they lay waste to is squares and anyone else who isn't hip to the message. Their motto sums it all up.. "Do lots of skids.. You're already dead.. So get off your head"!


From the time the Goons introduce themselves on the first track (Dope City in the UK) of their album, The Story of Dead Barbie and Ghost, I immediately want to join their gang. I can forgive them for their sometimes dubious singing, dodgy spelling and lyrical simplicity and not think about whether they are being copy cats of whether they are just paying homage to music that has come before. They sound a fair bit like the Pixies, they sound like Madness in one song and they even remind me of the B52s too, but who doesn't sound like anyone else? Nobody, that's who! So chill your bones. And even when they miss the mark you tend to think they meant to do that anyway. Or maybe they did? Exactly!


For me the stand out tracks on this record are the drunkenly anthemic Bikey Zombie and Fingered and the sexually inappropriate VD and the more I listen to the record the more the other tracks are growing on me. The Story of Dead Barbie and Ghost is an album that you don't have to think very hard about. It's not exactly high-brow art rock but the Goons sound like they are very good at what they do and that's tearing the roof off. It's rapidly becoming my favourite drinking at home alone-but-in-a-really-good-mood record. The Goons sound skilled, very diverse, and damn, they got hooks! They add a harder edge to their influences and they sing so happily about venereal disease that I can't help loving them. And they are all hot! Goodness me! Especially the one with the Swiss-German accent! Phew!


The Goons of Doom are having a big ol' party on this record. All the hippest zombies and cutest ghosts are coming. And I am pretty sure you guys are all invited. Bring your boardies and an orange Stackhat.

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