Dawn - The Spinning Jenny Vol 1

Dawn are a band that have created a sound that’s hard to categorise. The Spinning Jenny Vol 1, a six track album debut album has is rock-folk mixed in with dark undertones and with a bit of country, gospel and an Indian spice occasionally.

Made up of Australian-Canadian singer Kimberley Dawn Lysons and The Teaparty’s Jeff Martin, the mix of Martin’s guitars work well with Lysons vocals. This album has a huge variety of sounds and influences and really makes you travel.

The first track, “Control” sets off to a metallic and rusty start with a slide guitar and harmonica. It takes you somewhere in the Southern States of America where swamp people are wrestling gaiters.

“Smokewriter” has a swift change of location and takes the listener to India where Lysons’ father’s side is descendent from an Indian princess. There is also a bit of a slow-rock feeling to this song as it builds up. “Castle” is the only point where Martin get’s behind a microphone and sings a little verse.

“Storms” sounds like a gospel prayer, with clapping hands and overlapping melodies that loop around in the background. “By The Jen” is a typical folk ballad that takes you to a gently rocking sea.

This album has so many different elements working together that it’s sometimes difficult to make sense of. One moment you’ll be stomping your feet to a slide guitar riff and the next you’re praying in India. Lysons vocals are impressive and smooth like butter. However there are so many directions and maybe this Spinning Jenny is out of control.

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