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I love it when fresh, new CD's arrive for me to review. With their heretofore unopened jewel CD cases and set to impress artwork. I am particularly excited when a CD arrives from a band that I have not heard of. The closest experience I can liken it to is Christmas, and the CD is a gift wrapped in shiny paper and a bow, just begging to be unwrapped. Like Christmas, reviewing the new CD can represent either joy at finding something you always wanted but didn't know it or it can have you scrounging at the bottom of the box for the receipt in the vain hope of being able to return it to the vendor.


In continuance of this tedious analogy, I come to review The Sparrows self titled EP.


Brilliant, inspired, original and catchy are all great words; sadly I cannot use any of them to describe The Sparrows.


Whilst I am not for a moment implying that the EP is god-awful and a waste of everyone's collective time and effort; what I will infer is that this EP is somewhat undercooked. The tracks lack hooks and are scarily derivative. Whilst I know that nothing in art is original anymore, the opening track ‘Where Do You Wanna Go?" is in parts so note perfect to Green Day's ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams' it makes me want to pull out my old copy of Dookie and pogo around my bedroom. And I don't think that I am going to be the only person to notice this slight. Here's a tip boys; next time you want to rip off a song, try and pick one that was not a hit (nay a world-wide smash) less than a year ago.


Despite my out and out lambasting; I will be the fist to admit that there is potential in The Sparrows. Given more time and space it is likely that The Sparrows will find their own voice and be ready to hatch. They simply need a little more incubation and no doubt they will be ready to fly.

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