The Morning Night - Amberola

The Morning Night - Amberola

Perth six piece, The Morning Night, have returned with their sophomore album entitled Amberola. Sticking with their familiar style, they have constructed a captivating album; however, with multiple effects and layers, it sometimes feels overdone.

Guitarist of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Ricky Maymi, has collaborated with The Morning Night again after producing their previous album ‘Otis.’ His psychedelic influence is distinctly evident in their mesmerising harmonies and tone. This inclusion of 60’s hypnotic elements adds to the intricate layering of the songs, but unfortunately does not grant the album the clarity needed to emphasise dexterous melodies and lyrics.

The eerie quality characterised in multiple tracks is quickly captured, yet in some instances the thick layering makes the musicality hard to pick in the accompaniment. With flange and distortion effects on the electric guitars and echo on the vocals, The Morning Night seem to be trying too hard. But on the other hand, the multiple layers flow with an unexpected ease and elegance on their track ‘Crowd Around Her.’

Despite this sometimes messy sound, the layers are used to their advantage as they update classic Australian rock to create catchy hook driven tunes such as ‘Valentine,’ their first single off the album.

While not being the most immaculate album, ‘Amberola’ is a strong inclusion to The Morning Night’s repertoire and transports you to your Aussie rock roots while simultaneously relating to contemporary audiences.
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