Go Set, The - The Hungry Mile

The Go Set's newest Album The Hungry Mile is very relevant to our present predicaments regarding the Federal Government's horrendous IR laws and the decline in working people's rights.


‘Union Man' is a gritty reflection on Australian's general apathy on popular issues "Everyone will have a say, but nothing here will change". Alongside the lyric messages and themes the production levels on this album are exceptional. The band has employed Radio Birdman front man Rob Younger to see to this, (unfortunately there are no surprise guttural screams from Rob).


The bass and drums do a great job in keeping the backbone in place as the guitar riffs draw you in. The bagpipes and associated instruments are used sparingly in the appropriate places. Justin Keenan's voice has an ‘Aussie Billy Brag at the footy' feel to it especially on fantastic solemn track " Learning Slowly". At times these guys seem a little bit too serious and could lighten up a bit.


That seems to be embraced on the beer and whisky soaked 'Davey' which has some great mandolin playing on it. It is the spirit and vocal harmonies that make The Hungry Mile a worthwhile purchase and definitely does justice to the Go Set's live show which I witnessed on St Patrick's day. Great beer drinking music. But I think Shane McGowan could drink the whole band under the table.

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